Church Facilities Rental

If you are an ACTIVE All Saints member you are able to rent the following church facilities:

  • Church Proper
  • Church Grounds
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Kitchen Facilities

If you are interested in using our facilities, please contact the church office (414) 762-5111

Please be aware that usage of the church premises and property is a privilege extended in good faith and trust, and agree to leave the facility as was previous to usage.
There is a usage fee of
$100.00 for members to cover the cost of usual custodian needs and utilities. 
The fee is for the 3 hours block of time including set-up and clean-up time (which may not be done during liturgy times).
Every additional hour of rental time is $25.00 for members 
Total rental time cannot exceed 6 hours in length.
Additional fees will be imposed to offset the costs of:

  1. additional clean up services if needed.
  2. repairs for damages or any stolen articles.

Click below: for the form that must be filled out to complete your request.