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John 6:1-21

07242021 – John 6. 1-21 That morning the rooster crowed, as surely as it did, every single day, waking up a little boy that was perhaps 7 or 8 years old. You know HOW PRECOCIOUS a seven or eight year little boys can be.  They are so inquisitive, like little sponges, longing and searching for […]

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56


O72102212 – Mark 6. 30-34, 53-56   It was the Scottish poet and lyricist, “the Ploughman Poet,” “The National Bard,” or “the Bard of Ayrshire” also known as, Robert Burns, who wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men … often go awry.”   The words of “Auld Lang Syne” are also attributed to […]

Mark 6:30-34 53-56


07172021 – Mark 6. 30-34, 53-56   So, let’s talk about work and “busyness.”    IF you were to ask me, (Which you did not) – I would say being busy, having something to do is a “good thing.”   NOT necessarily something to do CONSTANTLY…but FREQUENTLY…it is invigorating, it keeps the mind working and […]

Mark 6:14-20


07142021 – Mark 6.14-29   This is not about the Baptizer. Although you could never tell by the bulletin cover. Well, it is, and it is not…    The Gospel is about Jesus Christ, whom God sent – to free us from our sins.   The last line of our pericope really got to me. […]

Mark 6:14-29


07102021 – Mark 6. 14-29   We know , we get it, we understand, that bad things happen to good people.  Honest people, well-intentioned, kind people.   The death toll in the Champlain Towers- South collapse in Miami-Dade county continues to rise.   More than 60 residents are still potentially missing and unaccounted for…and this is […]

Mark 6:1-13


07072021 – Mark 6. 1-13   Mark is such “an important gospel” for so many reasons.   It may be the briefest of the gospel accounts, but it packs a lot “into” some very few chapters and verses.   Mark is the only gospel that makes mention of Jesus’ profession before becoming a teacher in […]

Mark 6:1-13 07/04/2021


07042021 – Mark 6. 1-13   First off, THANKS for sharing YOUR 4th Of July WEEKEND with US.  We are indeed THANKFUL for your presence…here this morning…   And NOW to our gospel text for today and its context!   I think, underlying our text, silently concealed in the background is “the whole issue of […]

Mark 5:21-43


06302021 – Mark 5. 21-43   I do not believe that I have ever mentioned Greek Mythology – homiletically.   It just does not seem to fit.  That is, until today.   I want to talk about “GRACE” or the Greek word, Charis.   When I think of “grace” I think of generosity, kindness, politeness, […]

Mark 4:35-41 06/23/2021


O6232021 – Mark 4. 35-41   Our minds freely go there…no matter WHAT the preacher says.   WHAT WE “feel,” is WHAT we feel. We “experience,” WHAT we experience.   You can PREACH until you are blue in the face ABOUT Jesus.   You can tell us, it is NOT ABOUT US, and we will […]

Mark 4:35-41 Father’s Day


06192021 – Mark 4. 35-41   This is not the way, I originally intended on starting out today.   But sometimes you have to GO as you are directed.  Go, with the flow…   I had envisioned, LENA HORNE, singing “Stormy Weather,” followed quickly by BOB DYLAN with “Shelter from the Storm,” and then, “Riders […]