Pat St. Louis

Church Historian

Pat St. Louis is the All Saints Lutheran Church’s Historian. She ca be reached at: 414-294-9419

Sue LaFond

Christian Education Chair

Sue leads our Education ministry. She can be reached at 414-897-6354

Brian Rathmann

Evangelism Committee Chair

Brian leads our Evangelism Committee. Brian can be reached at 414-764-9771

David Speaks

Church President

David is the Church President. he can be reached at 262 442-5215

Jane Murnane

Liturgy Committee Chair

Jane leads the Liturgy committee. Jane can be reached at 414 380-5404

Dale Hochevar

Church Council Secretary

Dale is the Church Council Secretary.  Dale can be reached at 414 -426-5896

Helen Haworth

Stewardship Committee Chair

Helen is the Stewardship Committee chair. Helen can be reached at 414 762-3733.

Mary Jo Meier

World Concerns Committee Chair

Mary Jo is the Church Council Vice-President. She also leads the World Concerns Committee. She can be reached at 414 530-2339

Dennis Schneider

Youth Committee Chair

Dennis leads the Youth Committee. He can be reached at 808 255-7391

Timothy Jackalone

Finance Committee Chair

Timothy is the Finance Committee chair. He can be reached at 414 405-2040

Reverend Jas A Mortenson


Pastor Mortenson is known by the nickname PJ. He can be reached by calling his private line at 414 762-6101, or by his home/cell phone number 414 276-2788.

Kinga Vnuk

Administrative Assistant

Kinga handles the general office duties and she can be reached during office hours at 414 762-5111. The fax number for the office is 414 762-7811.

Barb Schrubey

Church Council Treasurer

Barb can be reached at 414 421-4134.

Barb’s email address is:

Kinga Vnuk

Church Pianist/Choir Director

Kinga is the Church Pianist. She also is the Choir Director. Kinga can be reached at 414 483-3144.

Peggy Rudolph Lisle

Church Pianist

Peggy is the Church Pianist. Peggy can be reached at 414 769-9125.

Sara Jolitz

Property Committee Chair and the Church Custodian

Sara is the Chair of the Property Committee. She is also our Church Custodian. Sara can be reached at 414-380-4189