07242021 – John 6. 1-21

That morning the rooster crowed, as surely as it did, every single day, waking up a little boy that was perhaps 7 or 8 years old.

You know HOW PRECOCIOUS a seven or eight year little boys can be.  They are so inquisitive, like little sponges, longing and searching for knowledge…and asking WHY about everything.

Inquiring minds just want to know…

Wiping away the sleep out of his eyes, he began to see groups of people passing and rushing through his obscure little town of Bethsaida, on the N.E. side of the Sea of Galilee.

Yes, it was also called the Sea of Tiberius…but that was its Roman name.  It was the Sea of Galilee and that’s WHAT it would always be called.(period)

Where were ALL these folks going?

Young and old alike, boys and girls, men and women.  Some singing, some laughing, some downright giddy.  Excitement was in the air.  They were actually scurrying, at least the younger ones…

So, being inquisitive, he went outside and asked the question.

“Up the mountain there – to see Jesus of Nazareth, the Prophet,” said one old man pointing with his finger…as he struggled along with his staff.

The thought of a seeing “a real live prophet” intrigued the boy.  Prophets were wise men.  They were spokesmen.  They wrote books.  They told stories.  What “kid” doesn’t like a good story?

So running back inside, he begged his mother to please let him go and hear the Prophet, too.   It would be an adventure!  PLEASE, he begged…Finally, his mother agreed.

But she wouldn’t let him go without something to eat for his journey, so she fixed him a basket with 5 small loaves of barley bread and two small fishes.

She sent him out with a kiss on the forehead and the promise he would “be careful and come back before dark.”  You don’t want to worry your mother, now do you?  In the blink of an eye, he was gone…and out of the house…and running to catch up.

Lucky for him he was little and moved rather quickly – so in no time at all, he caught up with the crowds.

It was an “awesome adventure” so far.

Then he spied him, at least he thought it must be him.  The Prophet walking around.  He walked from person to person, talking to them and laying his hands on some of them.  People were smiling.  They were laughing.  They were dancing for joy.

The boy wanted to get closer.  He wanted to see for himself just what was going on….

Being small, being a kid, sometimes has its advantages.  So he snaked and wormed his way through the crowds of men and women, and actually got behind the prophet, even the guys’ disciples, let him get as close as he wanted.  Being a kid sometimes paid off.

Oh! The things he saw with his own two eyes. He didn’t understand it all, but it was “good to just be there.”  Then, the prophet started teaching the people. The boy was spellbound, listening to the stories.  This was “simply the best.”

Finally, as evening approached, and as it was getting later, the subject of food was brought up.

The boy tugged on one of the disciple’s robes and said, “Excuse me, sir. I don’t have much, but I do have 5 little barley loaves and two little tiny fishes. I would be happy to share them.”

After some discussion back and forth, between the Prophet and his students, the boy overheard Jesus say, “Bring him here to me.”

A guy approached, and said, “Come with me young man. Jesus has need of your lunch.” He was led right up to Prophet. The two smiled as the lad offered his lunch to Jesus. 

 Jesus directed all the people to sit down and to actually recline on the grass.

It was then, that the boy perceived that “THEY” were going to feed the entire multitude.  “THEY him and the Prophet, together.  THEY!  How cool was that?

But with what? Certainly not with that meager lunch of his!

It wouldn’t feed two grown men!

Just then, Jesus began praying over his little lunch, asking the God to bless it…and to make it holy…and the same with the two little fish. 

Something special was about to happen, you could just feel it.

All eyes were on the prophet, this Jesus FROM Nazareth.

Some people say that Jesus worked “a transformation of those loaves and fishes” and they became an endless supply for others…on that day.

Others suggested that “WHAT WAS really transformed” here were the selfish hearts of some 5,000 men and women and children.

When they saw the example of the little 7  or 8 year old boy – giving Jesus his loaves and two tiny fishes, these people were inspired to look inside their own cloaks and share the food that they had brought with them. 

They say the real transformation was not of loaves and fishes, but of “selfish human hearts.”

One thing for sure, that little boy went home that night with stories that lasted a life time.

And with child-wide-eye-excitement he could not wait to tell his mother everything that he saw and heard…before falling excitedly to sleep.