07042021 – Mark 6. 1-13


First off, THANKS for sharing YOUR 4th Of July WEEKEND with US.  We are indeed THANKFUL for your presence…here this morning…


And NOW to our gospel text for today and its context!


I think, underlying our text, silently concealed in the background is “the whole issue of TRUST and responsibility.”


TRUST might be defined as being, “the belief, that a person, group, or institution, will act in a way that takes into account your feelings, your wishes, and your best interests.”


In other words, “trust is an expectation” that “someone” will act how YOU wish them to act.


“A breach of trust” occurs when someone acts in such a way that pays no heed to YOUR feelings, wishes, or best interests.


Responsibility is “a social obligation or a duty.”  Some would consider it, a sacred duty.


Jesus had “betrayed the trust” of all the people living in Nazareth and in the surrounding area.


And not only that he was not acting responsibly, either.


Had he been responsible, he would have never left and abandoned his village of Nazareth.


Had he been acting responsibly he would have never left his poor mother to fend for herself…or to rely on his brothers…


Had he been acting responsibly he would have continued to work in the trades and would have continued to be part of the labor pool in the wider community.


Jesus was a good guy.

But it was more than obvious that the guy had some issues…

No one seemed to know, WHY he high-tailed out of the area.


WHY does a man leave?

There needs to be an explanation…there needs to be a reason.  There needs to be an understanding of one’s actions.


You do not abandon mother.

You do not abandon family.

You do not abandon community.

The guy has no roots.

He was itinerant…a transient…he had become a nomadic wanderer.


He had become a drifter, a vagrant, a Bedouin…with little or no responsibility.

To leave home, to leave family, to leave community was suspicious-unacceptable-behavior.


Did he even bother to KEEP the SACRED LAWS of MOSES anymore? 

Who knew?

Was he even a practicing Jew any longer?

Was he ritually clean or unclean?

What was his story?

Of course, people would be apprehensive and wary, they would be skeptical and doubtful.


You automatically distrusted anyone that did these kinds of things…


And WHY would he come back home, WHY would he DARE to SHOW HIS FACE again.


This too, was unacceptable behavior, you do not flaunt your stuff…you do not throw it in everybody’s faces.


What kind of effrontery is this, to come back home and act all high-and-mighty?  “Where did he get all this,” they asked?



We know him, TOO WELL.

We know his family.  They “at least” are good people, and can be counted on, they do the right things, they are trustworthy…and responsible.


There is no way he can earn their trust.   There is no way he can prove that he is responsible and worthy of their trust.

They will not listen.

They know what they know.

They know what they have seen

They know what they have been told too…


They say he is traveling around the Sea of Galilee region.  They say he has picked up some followers.  They say the crowds go out to hear him.  They say he freely and knowingly goes into GENTILE lands.  They say he has encounters with demons.  They say he has become some kind of a healer.  They say he has the power to raise people up from the dead.


All this talk.

All this nonsense.

This is the son of Mary and Joseph.  And he has broken all of his ties with those of his small hometown.


Everybody took offense at him.  They were scandalized by him.  You do not mess with family, hometown, synagogue.  You do not leave and then expect to come back and be treated like royalty.


He should be groveling.  He should be repentant.  He should be sorry.  He should be down on his knees.  How dare he return to OUR Synagogue and expect to teach US anything?  Talk about nerve.

Poor Mary, how embarrassed she must be.