07172021 – Mark 6. 30-34, 53-56


So, let’s talk about work and “busyness.” 


IF you were to ask me, (Which you did not) – I would say being busy, having something to do is a “good thing.”


NOT necessarily something to do CONSTANTLY…but FREQUENTLY…it is invigorating, it keeps the mind working and functioning…it does give SOME meaning to this life.  (Not ALL meaning, but SOME!) It does not define you.  But it is a part of you.  Everything we do – becomes a part of us.


We all need our down time.  We all need our away time.  We all need some kind of release.


I need to go home.  You know that.  I could stay here forever.  Some of you, have even told me, “Time to pack it up, pack it in, go home…tomorrows another day”…and when you do, I usually go, if I can.  If it is possible.


Sometimes you need to walk away.

Sometimes you need to run.

Sometimes you have to admit “it is a lot,” or “it is overwhelming,” or “it is too much.”


And it is okay to complain, SOMETIMES.


The merry-go-round keeps spinning.  It will continue to spin with you or without you.  The merry-go-round will continue on…


All of us, each and every one of us are replaceable, in a manner of speaking.  There are no exceptions.  Your position will be replaced.  The person following you, may indeed do the job better than you.  Or, in less time.  Or save the company more money.  Or be more likeable…or…or…or…Who knows – the way “things are going,” they may even work remotely, from home, or elsewhere.  Not on site.


I tell you – the Merry-Go-Round keeps spinning.  It DOES NOT STOP.


Enjoy the merry-go-round while you can, enjoy the ride.


You know the famous verse from Ecclesiastes…All things have their season.  There needs to be a time for work and a time for play.


A time for busyness and a time to relax.


A time to do.  And a time to say, “Hey, I am done.”


(I think) as long as you LOVE what you are doing, and you are USEFUL at it, you should keep doing it.  There is something to be said for ENTHUSIASM, too!  Not everyone is enthusiastic about their work…or their life.  Not everybody loves their work.  But if you do, EMBRACE IT, CELEBRATE IT, REJOICE IN IT.


And “we are” so much more than “WHAT we DO.”  I AM NOT my work.  My work IS NOT me.  My work, my busyness is what I do, it gives me pleasure, and hopefully it is done for the BETTERMENT of others…it DOES NOT define me.


I define me.  My work DOES NOT.

You DO NOT.  I define me.


There is nothing wrong about being passionate about WHAT YOU DO.


If you are a parent, be the best parent you possibly can be.


If you are an uber driver, be the best uber driver you can be.


When you get tired, back off.

When things are overwhelming, step away.  When you can no longer handle it, leave, if you must.


People’s lives HAVE CHANGED significantly.  And I think, for THE BETTER.  Parents, a great many parents are MORE INVOLVED in the life of their children than ever before.  It is a good thing.  It is a glorious thing.

Sewing costumes at midnight.

Making cupcakes and frosting them before the sun comes up…even playing chauffer.  Cherish that stuff.  All that stuff.  Cherish your involvement.

Cherish your relationship.  Embrace the love and give it, show it in return.


Busyness does not have to mean burned out, stressed out or fried.

A flurry of activity is not necessarily a bad thing.  Hustle and bustle can be good.

“Toing and froing” (yep those are actual words, I checked), movement and momentum is not necessarily bad.  Being committed to family, job, God, loved ones is a good thing.


Attentiveness, perseverance, zeal, diligence, and dedication are not bad things.  Can they be, FOR SURE.

You know the scripture says, all things in moderation…


So, when enough was enough…

When they had – had it up to here…

Jesus said, time to get away…boys…let’s hit the roads, or the boat…Time for a break.  Time for a little R&R.  Some…AWAY TIME!


But you heard what happened, it was NOT TO BE.  Sometimes you have to be flexible and go with the flow…

Sometimes it is NOT about YOU, but about the OTHER…And Jesus, had compassion…you can be tired, down for the count, mentally and physically exhausted…and you may still have a little more to give.  You can rise to the occasion.


Embrace life while you can.  Lord knows it is short.