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John 6:1-21

07242021 – John 6. 1-21 That morning the rooster crowed, as surely as it did, every single day, waking up a little boy that was perhaps 7 or 8 years old. You know HOW PRECOCIOUS a seven or eight year little boys can be.  They are so inquisitive, like little sponges, longing and searching for […]

Pentecost Part III


05262021 – Pentecost Part III The Day of Pentecost had come. The Promise that Jesus had told his followers to prayerfully wait for – had finally arrived. Pentecost was one of the three Jewish festivals in which individuals WERE TO JOURNEY to Jerusalem and appear before the Lord at the temple with their gifts and […]

Pentecost Sunday


05232021 – Pentecost!   This is not just any day! This day has been hailed as the Birthday of the early Church. Prior to this – the frightened disciples were in hiding.  They feared for their very lives and existence. After the Day of Pentecost, they start to find their voices, they start to find […]

The Day of Pentecost


O5222021 – The Day of Pentecost (John 15.26-16.15)   Only the Author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts writes OF a specific “day in the life” of “the Jerusalem community” when the spirit IS GIVEN. It is “our present belief” that those two books were written by the self-same individual. Traditionally […]

John 11: 6-19 “Protect Them”


05192021 – John 11. 6-19 “Protect Them”   Jesus prayed “protect them from the evil one.”  Once upon a time there was a man who was AFRAID of everything. EVERYTHING! He decided that, in order to be really SAFE, he would purchase for himself a complete SUIT OF ARMOR. When he put on the armor, […]

John 17:6-19


05162021 – JOHN 17. 6-19 Last evening, I tried to keep it “lite” as the Season of Easter begins to wind down. But “my sense was” that people wanted a little bit more MEAT, so Saturday night received “a lite version” while you guys are receiving “a little more depth.”  God only knows where we […]

John 17:6-19 Saturday night


05152021 – John 17. 6-19   Most preachers know the quote attributed to the famed theologian KARL BARTH: “We must hold the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other” – he is quoted as saying.   We HAVE “an INHERENT NEED” to be “RELEVANT.”   We need to be CURRENT.  We need to […]

John 15:9-17


05122021 – John 15. 9-17 Way back on Maundy Thursday, (Holy Thursday,) in the life of the church, Jesus continued his teaching…The clock was ticking…and the hour was growing late.   It was just “mere hours” before his series of trials and his crucifixion…and his excruciating death…would begin.   We assume, he knew what laid […]

Mother’s Day


05082021 – John 15. 9-17 Easter6B                       (Mother’s Day Weekend)   There’s SOMETHING about mothers…They have this “amazing ability” to hear A SNEEZE or a MUFFLED COUGH, through three closed doors in the middle of the night, upstairs or downstairs, at least three rooms away…all the while dad is snoring up a storm – next […]

John 12:20-33


03242021 – John 12. 20-33 Lent 5B   This is all about “Jesus’ hour.”  It is a “big thing” in the Gospel of John.   Jesus knows “his hour” is coming. He “waits for it.”  Like, the disciples wait for the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost. It is “a kairos moment.” A fifty-cent-Greek-word that […]