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Pentecost Part III


05262021 – Pentecost Part III The Day of Pentecost had come. The Promise that Jesus had told his followers to prayerfully wait for – had finally arrived. Pentecost was one of the three Jewish festivals in which individuals WERE TO JOURNEY to Jerusalem and appear before the Lord at the temple with their gifts and […]

Pentecost Sunday


05232021 – Pentecost!   This is not just any day! This day has been hailed as the Birthday of the early Church. Prior to this – the frightened disciples were in hiding.  They feared for their very lives and existence. After the Day of Pentecost, they start to find their voices, they start to find […]

The Day of Pentecost


O5222021 – The Day of Pentecost (John 15.26-16.15)   Only the Author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts writes OF a specific “day in the life” of “the Jerusalem community” when the spirit IS GIVEN. It is “our present belief” that those two books were written by the self-same individual. Traditionally […]

John 20:19-23 Pentecost


05032020 – John 20. 19-23  Pentecost   That Jesus he was a “CRAFTY ONE.”  But it really-truly-depended upon WHO you talked to…   Some said he was “as FOXY” as they come, SLY, CUNNING, SLICK, he could talk his way OUT OF anything.  And he always saw to it, that he WON every-single-argument or confrontation. […]

John 20:19-23


05302020 – John 20. 19-23   The disciples were AFRAID.  We get that.  They were huddled together behind locked and closed-tight-doors.  You might have called them “scare-D-cats!”  And WE, unfortunately, can relate to their predicament!  We have been scared, too!   They feared (not a pandemic) but rather, the Roman and religious authorities of their […]

Jn 14. 8-17 The Day Of Pentecost


You would expect this from Mark, but not from John. There is a feeling of “exasperation” in the air! Things are “getting tight.” The clock is ticking. Louder and louder… The cross is looming… Ever more — closer… The end is in sight. These are — some final words… Some “final teachings…” And the disciples […]